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About Us


Accessibility and Equity

Diversity and inclusion vision

The Centre is responsive to and inclusive of the diversity of Ontario in its people, its workplace and in providing service to the public.

Diversity and inclusion goals

The Centre is committed to:

  1. Maintaining a workforce reflective of Ontario’s demographic diversity;
  2. Reinforcing an inclusive workplace culture, free of discrimination and harassment; and
  3. Delivering service in an accessible, equity-competent and responsive way.

Equity in service delivery

The Centre strives to make its services accessible to all individuals who have experienced discrimination. For example:

  • Interpretation services in 140 languages, including ASL;
  • Eligibility guidelines that give priority to disadvantaged applicants;
  • Special service protocol for Aboriginal clients;
  • Policy to accommodate a variety of physical, mental, language and cultural needs;
  • Regional staff in Windsor, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Guelph, Ottawa and Brampton.

To learn more, see the Centre's Multi-Year Plan for Equity in Service Delivery.

Diversity in the workplace

The Centre makes every effort to build an inclusive work environment that reflects Ontario's diversity. For example:

  • Employment Equity reporting and planning;
  • Equity and Diversity staff committee;
  • Human Resources policies that reflect the Centre's diversity.

To learn more, see the Centre's Multi-Year Plan for Diversity in the Workplace.